Passenger Club

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An eclectic mix of layered harmonies, four individually contrasting songwriters, coupled with various acoustic and electric instruments, defines the identity of The Passenger Club. Formed in 2014 by Gary Holton (drums), the band consists of, Colin Holton (bass, mandolin and guitar), Grahame White (lead guitar), Steve Collinson (bass and guitar) and Neil Dalziel (guitar) – vocal duties are shared between the whole band.

It is always difficult to pin down a band’s style and influences – particularly The Passenger Club. Folk and rock influences from the likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young are combined with the melodic and harmonic qualities of the Beatles, the Eagles and Crowded House. Add to the mix the more abrasive input of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits and Paul Weller and you only begin to get an idea of the band’s flavour. Part of the difficulty here is the diverse directions from which the five members are approaching the band – this is what creates the tension and excitement.

Best to make up your own mind – catch the Passenger Club on the main stage on Saturday.

In the meantime both their albums, “I Can See The Sea” and “Are We There Yet?” are available for download from Spotify, iTunes, Google and Deezer.