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Born out of ignorance, a total disregard for taste and the lure of ‘snacks, drinks and sausage rolls’;

Ladies, Gentlemen Boys and Girls we give you PunKture.

With a passion for all things Punk rock, three musicians and a drummer decided to get together to form the best Punk covers band in the land. OK it was a nip and a tuck but they managed to form a band.

PunKture do not perform the bog standard fare, their set is made up of classics from the likes of; Dead Kennedys, Stranglers, SLF, Godfathers, Only Ones and even Motorhead to name but a few.

A PunKture gig is best attended slightly inebriated and with an open mind to be on the safe side.

Warning: Do not make any sudden movements or any loud noises when standing near the drummer. Do not feed the singer or bassist (however Beer and / or Cider is acceptable after the singer has performed).

PunKture are:

Big Col, Guitar and Lead Shouting.
Little Col, Drums and Backing Shouting.
Fits All Paul, Bass and Backing Shouting.
Skid, Guitar and More Backing Shouting.